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The History of Nathaniel Hawthorne College


THE BEGINNING: (History from the 1988 Yearbook) 

Higher education gave Kenneth McLaughlin a second chance at life. His dream: "To give others the same opportunity he had." A non-profit liberal arts college that would give others the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. Mr. McLaughlin, John Berrigan, and Joseph Whelton purchased the Flint Estate in Antrim, New Hampshire.

Brief Overview:

1962. The College is established

September 16th, 1962, Opening Day.

Students arrive and move into Dorm rooms. The first day began with breakfast, followed by a convocation service delivered by President McLaughlin.

His message was: "...that they (the students) were part of a new experience = a new college, that their cooperation and understanding would be greatly appreciated, that there was a long way to go in the development of the facilities. However, the most important consideration was that each student would be provided an excellent education. The student, himself, was to determine how far he would progress academically. The students would have an additional advantage over most college students. There would be the opportunity of being a part of the birth of an institution of higher learning."

A Song and Tradition were established to create a feeling of unity among the student body.

Hawthorne College Song:

N.H.C. our debt we owe to you

Oh! The lessons you have taught us; to look beyond the blue.

Someday we'll return, of Merit unto you;

N.H.C. our thanks bestowed to you.

As freshman we did enter, to gain knowledge from you;

Oh, the faculty assembled, had such devotion too.

The green and white of Hawthorne is more than ivy too;

It's the color of our college that we all hold so true.

*The tune is unknown, nor can it be verified as to its authenticity.

Hawthorne College Tradition:

1. In accordance with our developing tradition, everyone will greet others on Campus

2. At all times the building and grounds of Hawthorne will be kept at their best. No one will drop papers, put out cigarette butts on sidewalks or near building entrances, deface any tree on campus in any manner whatsoever.

3. Everyone will familiarize themselves with the college song and sports cheers.

4. Freshman will wear "Beanies" for the first three weeks of classes. These beanies may be purchased from the college bookstore upon arrival.

5. Everyone will at all times stand when the Nathaniel Hawthorne College song is sung or played.

6. Students will stand after each guest is introduced in any class, convocation, or assembly.

7. No one will wear or exhibit high school emblems or insignias of any kind while on campus.

8. In addition to the above, good manners and good judgement will be emphasized and any conduct unbecoming to a Hawthorne student will be considered a violation of the Tradition.

9. Flag retreat each day: all activity will come to a stop, etc.

Sampling of Groups: Student Council, Class Government, Motor Vehicle Comm., Student Forum, Women's Student Government, Judicial Board, Newspaper (Pillars & the Crier), Radio Station WVNB, Yearbook (Scenic & Janis), Newman Club, Hillel Club, Political Clubs, Chess Club, Photography, Chamber Singers, Cheerleaders, Psychology Club, Outing Club, Ski Club, Theater, Independent Study Program, ROTC, Karate Club, Fraternities & Sororities: Mu Alpha Gamma, KE Star Dusters, KE, Alpha Chi, Alpha Eta Rho, etc...

1968/69. The First Fraternity was set up: Mu Alpha Gamma 1971. Aviation is added to curriculum.

1974.  A fire destroyed the BPA building on campus.

1982. Restructure / Merger with F.I.T. Dr. Huebschmann Becomes the new College President. The focus was shifted to Computer Science and Aeronautics. The college official changed its name to Hawthorne College and was re-chartered by the State of New Hampshire.

1983. Dr. Harry P. Weber becomes School President.

1986. Dr. Vincent Fulmer becomes School President.

1988. Hawthorne College is closed.

1990. Hawthorne College purchased by Maruzen Construction Company of Japan. The new owners begin

to renovate facilities and plan to reopen the college with a curriculum similar to that of 1986.

1992. Maruzen Hawthorne Aviation begins the Flight Training Program. The college, however, did not reopen as Maruzen Hawthorne. Maruzen's reign is short-lived, and the property is sold off.

1995. The Hawthorne College grounds avoided becoming a State Prison. The Marharishi-Vedic School buys the property. Offering Alternative Healing and Meditation. The Airport facilities are operated by Daniel Webster College.

1996. Hawthorne College Alumni Website is created in memory of the school.

2001. The college grounds and remaining buildings are up for sale again. The images from the Library and President's Office collection are donated to the New Hampshire Historical Society on behalf of all the alumni. Many of the wooden buildings are torn down. Including: Hubbard Hall, Hawthorne Hall, KE/Student Affairs/Cadet Building, and the Science Hall. The other buildings that were previously lost include: the Chateau, Shea Hall, West Hall and the Maintenance Building.